7th EuroELSO Congress on ECMO-ECLS

May 23 - 26 | 2018 | Prague | Czech Republic

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Instructions for Poster Presenters

Electronic posters only - no paper

Please note that only e-posters will be accepted for EuroELSO 2018 Congress. No paper posters will be accepted.

What is an e-poster?
An e-poster is an electronic poster displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster.

How is my e-poster being displayed?
All e-posters will be made available for viewing at poster kiosks that will be located in a poster area at the Congress venue.

How can I upload my e-poster?

E-posters should be uploaded before the Congress. Please upload your e-poster via the online form that is accessible after Login.

  • Login using your login details
  • Click on the menu item Contribution list
  • Click on the title of your abstract
  • Then you will be able to upload your e-poster

A PowerPoint slide template

  • Please prepare your e-poster using a PowerPoint slide template that is available here. Save the final e-poster as a PDF file.
  • Only e-posters in PDF format prepared using the template are accepted.
  • The maximum number of slides is 3. E-posters containing more than 3 pages will not be accepted.
  • The template contains 2 slides.
    • If your e-poster consists of 3 slides, add a copy of the slide 2 (Home Tab -> New Slide -> Duplicate Selected Slides)
    • If your e-poster consists of 1 slide, delete the slide 2
  • Dimensions of slides are set to 52 x 66 cm. Please do not change them.
  • The size of the PDF file should not be bigger than 15 MB.
  • Dimensions of the screen at the kiosk are 52 x 66 cm, i.e. they are identical to the dimensions of the slide. It is possible to scroll between pages when the poster is displayed at the kiosk.

Deadline for uploading e-posters

Deadline: May 16, 2017

Deadline has been extended to Friday May 18, 2018.

Poster sessions

E-poster kiosks will be available in a clearly identified viewing area. All posters will be available throughout the whole duration of the congress – from May 24th, 13:00 to May 26th, 14:00.

There will be 10 poster kiosks. Posters will be divided into 10 groups and each group will be presented at one of the kiosks. Lists of all groups will be available at the poster area.

Types of poster presentations:

  • Moderated posters – Authors of moderated posters are expected to be available at their respective kiosks during Friday 25th lunch break (12:30-14:30). Posters will be presented to moderators.
  • Posters – Authors are advised to be present at their respective kiosks during the coffee breaks on Friday 25th. Posters will not be formally moderated. Authors are encouraged to be available for those attendees who may want to ask questions.